Canon Digital Rebel (300D) Hacking


This page serves to document findings about hardware and firmware of Canon Digital Rebel (aka 300d) cameras in an effort to extend and improve their functions.


Several versions of the modified firmware were developed first by Wasia and then further improved by Lex and not_now (UnDutchables, login required).




  • Analysis of a photo of Digital Rebel Internals to identify components.
  • At least one of the camera’s processors is capable of running x86. Analysis of firmware files contained on drives A: and B: of the camera shows that they are valid 16-bit DOS executables. It is possible that x86 processor is NEC V30.
  • Evidence that Canon also uses ToshibaTX1942 MIPS processor in Digital Rebel.
  • Motorola 68HC12? There are references to HC12 in the firmware and firmware contains parts in S19 format, which is a file format used by Motorola.

Hacking Resources

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